Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Katherine - Cancun, Mexico

Paradise. So many people go to great lengths to find the perfect vacation spot, and in the search for that perfect spot, many often make the mistaken of overlooking one of the hottest scenes to be found in the northern hemisphere…a place none other than Cancun, Mexico. Last year, I went on my first trip to Mexico, and absolutely fell in love with the Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San Jose areas. For this year's summer vacation, I wanted to see more of Mexico, and the choice was simple. Where can I find a vacation destination which offers private beach areas, allows me to lower my inhibitions, and most importantly of all, gives me the freedom to parade around in my new Malibu Strings bikini? The answer sprang to my mind almost instantly, Cancun! I arrived in Cancun rather late in the evening (thanks for the flight delay Continental) and quickly began my vacation by donning a dress and heading to dinner.

Stellar dining. One major item on any checklist that is used by a person searching for a vacation spot involves what that person's dining experience is going to be like. As many people from the United States know, sushi and hibachi restaurants are spreading like wildfire throughout the country. It seems that there has been a great cultural awakening in the last 10 years, and Americans are branching out and seeking new alternatives to traditional dining. Since I had arrived late in the day, my first stop after getting checked into the resort was the Asian themed restaurant at the resort. As you can see below, the hibachi and sushi served at the restaurant were to die for. Other notable dishes I had while at the resort included a wonderful duck dish, a magnificent pea risotto, and a flaming coffee desert drink that you would die for.

Just do it. As mentioned previously, dining is obviously high on the list for many vacationers, but for those that know me, they know that I'm constantly on the go. While I absolutely love laying by the pool, on a beach bed, or knocking back a chocolate martini, I can only do that for so long before I have the itch to leave the resort and go explore. So, one of the trips I took out of the resort were a bus ride to Chichen Itza, which had a stop at a gorgeous cenote where I was able to swim. I've included a picture of the cenote below, it truly was a beautiful site. Chichen Itza was awe inspiring. The ancient Mayans were truly a civilization to marvel at, and while the pyramid at Chichen Itza is certainly nothing to scoff at, it is such a loss to all of us that so much of that civilization was lost over the ages.

Absolutely fantastic. There are no other words to describe my experience while staying in Cancun. I had the opportunity to sail, kayak, snorkel, play both water and beach volleyball, and the best part of it all? I was able to do all these activities wearing my red liquid metal Malibu Strings bikini! You wouldn't believe the attention women who wear these bathing suits receive from other guests at the resort. Sure, a lot of women wear thong bathing suits in Mexico, but a Malibu Strings bikini goes far beyond your typical thong, it's definitely a statement maker about your personality! Speaking of making statements, one of the things I loved about the resort I stayed at in Cancun was the different theme parties the resort holds at the disco each and every night. One particular night while I was staying at Desire, the theme was "wild and wicked." Well, next to my Malibu Strings swimwear, my next favorite article of clothing is my purple latex dress from Vex Clothing, which is what I wore to the disco that night. I don't think wild and wicked night will ever be the seen the same way again at that resort!

Well, that about wraps up my story, well, at least the part of the story I can share with all of you :). Malibu Strings bikinis are all about allowing a woman to wear a bikini which makes them feel confident and sexy…you don't have to travel far to find a place where you can wear a Malibu Strings bikini. Cancun is a short flight from most of the United States, has a number of resorts where the beaches are private to those at the resort, and still allows you to enjoy some incredible history and culture, while at the same time allowing you to let loose and remember why you went on vacation in the first place (when else but during vacation can you lean up against a palm tree in a dress?). Give Cancun a try, but don't forget your Malibu Strings bikini!

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Elisa - Harbour Island (Bahamas)

Just off the north east coast of North Eleuthera, Bahamas, lies the quaint and romantic Harbour Island. For more information on the island, check out (http://www.harbourislandguide.com)

We connected through Nassau, then North Eleuthera where we took a 5 minute water taxi across the harbor to the municipal dock. All along the way the Bahamian people were extremely kind and helpful. This is a picture of the harbor side of the island from the water taxi ride in…

We stayed at the famous Rock House (http://www.rockhousebahamas.com/RHB.html), where we were greeted by one of the owners, Wallace, at check in. Though it was our first visit, everybody there treated us like family. The Rock House is a boutique hotel – really more like a large house with a great restaurant, bar and pool. Other than at dinner, there were rarely more than just a few couples hanging around. Here we are with owners Wallace and Don…

On Wallace’s advice, we took our golf cart as far north as the paved roads would allow, parked at the northernmost beach access, and took about a 10 minute walk north on the famous Pink Sand Beach. Within about 2 minutes of starting the walk, we were out of sight of the “crowd” which consisted of about 30 people in a 200 yard area where there were some chairs and umbrellas – see what we mean???

We stopped near the north end of the beach, and in an entire day of playing in the sun and calm sea, only saw 3 other couples walk by. Although the general rule in the Bahamas is that they frown on topless and nude sunbathing, this beach is so remote, and the people are so relaxed, that I was topless and in a Malibu Strings Tiny String bottom most of the time and nobody seemed to mind, even right in front of the main beach access where the Rock House has some chairs and umbrellas I was topless the entire time and nobody seemed to care.

If you are spending the day on the Pink Sand Beach, you have to hit the Blue Bar Restaurant at the Pink Sands Resort (http://pinksandsresort.com/index.htm) where you will have the island’s best beach view from atop a cliff about 30 feet above the beach.

For a little more adventure, on day two we rented a boat for the day. Well, my husband claimed it was once a boat…but I’m not so sure that is an accurate description. Maybe once upon a time it was…it’s a good thing he is good with his hands because we thought we were stranded more than once. Here are a few pictures of our day rented motor yacht…

But I must say, as much as we love boats, it really was awesome to make the short trip to the deserted islands just to the north of Harbour Island. The water is shallow and calm, with sand bars only 12 inches under water stretching hundreds of feet out into the bay…

The dinners and drinks – especially the famous “Goombay Smash” – at the Rock House are second to none…just be careful with the Goombay Smash…be VERY careful…my husband doesn’t remember part of our trip thanks to those frozen marvels…Here is a picture of the sunset from the balcony of the Palm Room just before dinner on our last night…

We can’t wait to go back – of course with some of the awesome new Fall 2008 suits from Malibu Strings!!!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Deborah - Negril, Jamaica

Deborah – Negril, Jamaica.

We always love beach vacations and there are a lot of great places we’ve enjoyed visiting, but there’s always just something special about Jamaica. As soon as you step off the airplane and get a deep breath of the warm humid air, you know you are back. We tend to stay in Negril which is such a beautiful destination, with Hedonism 2 being one of our favorite resorts.

We’ve been to other resorts in Negril. For sure the Grand Lido in Negril is an absolutely beautiful place, with outstanding food and room service. We went there on our first trip to Jamaica when we got married and it was such a lovely place. Hedo 2 on the other hand has decent rooms although they are nothing to brag about. The food there is fine, with some nights being really good. The resort in general is a little older and will never be as pretty or nice as some of the surrounding resorts. But, with all that said…a stay at Hedo 2 will easily be the best vacation you’ve ever taken.

The resort really is what it is due to the great people who work there and especially the guest who visit. It’s a place where you can really have all extremes. There will be massive water fights around the pool, to naked waterslide runs, to plenty of chances for nice romantic walks and time alone. But no matter what, it always has a warming sensual charge to the resort and everything that goes on there.

We enjoy our walks along the beach, and take them in the mornings and also many times before sunset prior to dinner. Those walks are some the times we capture a few of the photos which we’ve been lucky enough to have posted on the Malibu Strings pages.

The ‘ECs’, which are the entertainment coordinators, always keep things moving with tons of activities and games of all sorts. We enjoy a lot of these, especially sand volleyball. Granted with a few too many drinks, it may not be Olympic caliber by any means…but when you’re drunk enough it looks like it to you.

We also enjoy sailing the small Hobie cats as well as snorkeling as much as we can. It’s also a lot of fun to take one of the bigger catamaran rides around the some of the island which is also another chance to capture some great photos.

The evenings are always fun with a lot of things going on. This is also a wonderful time to dawn those eloquent and risqué dresses. I love the chance to dress up and wear a number of my outfits and dresses from 1 Sexy Night and Hedo 2 is such a wonderful venue for that.

All in all, Negril is a wonderful place to visit no matter the resort you choose. But, if you are truly looking for a place to wear your “swimsuits for the uninhibited” Hedo 2 is the place for you.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Natasha - British Virgin Islands

Climbing on the ferry from St.John to head over to Little Dix Bay Resort in the British Virgin Islands, my husband and I couldn't imagine a more beautiful place than Caneel Bay. Well, we sure did find it when we arrived to Virgin Gorda! Rosewood Resorts did it again with an amazing setting on the Little Dix Bay. Our room's balcony overlooked the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. All we wanted to do was head out and walk along the water, and we were thrilled to have another four nights in paradise. We stopped to have a light casual lunch and a Mojito at the Beach Grill before we went for a swim. I, of course, loved taking a dip showing off my Malibu Strings bikinis. You could walk into the bay for a hundred yards before your feet could no longer touch bottom.

In the evening, we made reservations at the Sugar Mill and had a romantic dinner on the bay. The Caribbean food was incredible and the wine list offered excellent choices...just the way we like it. After dinner, there was always festive music playing at the Pavilion Bar. Every evening my husband enjoyed a Cuban cigar along with our night cap sitting outside enjoying the warm trade winds. It was a beautiful walk back along the bay to our room, and somehow we couldn't help ourselves but skinny dip under the moonlight! What a great way to cool off before heating up again!

The resort offers many excursions during the day. No trip to Virgin Gorda is complete without a visit to The Baths which are located only five minutes from the property. The rocks sit directly on the water and each climb through the formations bring you to incredible views of the clear blue water.

Our favorite excursion, however, was a trip to a private island. A twenty minute trip by boat will drop you off at a nearby uninhabited island. For four hours you can swim, enjoy the sun, and sip cold beers from the ice chest they send you with. It did feel like we were a million miles away, and for a while we hoped our ride back would forget about us. Malibu Strings, or any bikini, were definitely not required on this beach, but I brought them along anyway to take plenty of pictures to remember our unforgettable trip to Virgin Gorda!

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Jacqueline - Hawaii

Aloha! 7 days, 4 suits, and a ton of pictures!

Having previously been on all the other islands of Hawaii, we have picked the Big Island as our most favorite and as always, we had an absolute blast. This time, our accommodations were at the Surf & Racquet Club in the Kona-Kailua area. The luxury condo was so big and fully furnished with a large kitchen; it was really more like an apartment!

Our condo faced out onto the ocean and was aboot, (not a typo, it’s a Canadian thing, eh?), 20 feet from the lava rock that surrounds most of the island. We left our bedroom lanai open at night because I absolutely LOVE falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. It’s kind of mandatory when we travel that if there’s water, I want see and hear it from where we’re staying. In fact, one night the surf was particularly high and the pounding waves shot up over the lava rock 25 feet into the air...an incredible sight. The booming was so loud I thought it was an earthquake!

As some of you may know, I have been training to participate in a Figure Competition taking place this June, and it’s my first! I had to be able to keep my exercise/meal schedule and found a great gym called Pacific Island Fitness. A very good friend of ours lives in Hawaii and put me in the right direction with this facility. The folks there were fantastic, friendly, and knowledgeable. Pasqual owns the gym and operates it with his son, Isiah. I was also inspired by Carol, a 55 year old woman who doesn't look a day over 40. She runs a breakfast/lunch kiosk in the gym and cooks healthy meals made to order. She also competes in figure competitions, and came in 2nd in last years Fitness Competition for the entire Big Island. I saw her pictures, she should have won! I have to go back to talk with, and learn more from her, (she's been into bodybuilding/fitness for over 30 years), what a sweetie!

The gym itself is hu-uge and split into 2 sections: an open air 'hardcore' side, with free weights and some really, really big guys walking around, and an air-conditioned side with cardio machines, muscle-specific machines, and free weights that I could lift. I was doing 2 sessions of 55 minutes each day, low intensity. I also squeezed in some weight training as per my trainers instructions.
Despite the food restrictions, my trainer luckily gave me one ‘cheat’ meal and we headed off to The Hard Rock Café in Kona.

Now I have to tell you, the classic cheeseburger and fries were to die for, not quite as good as In-N-Out, but trust me, when you’ve been deprived of it, it always tastes spectacular!
Right next to the Hard Rock is a beach volleyball court. This is so cool, and you can work off your lunch/dinner by just heading down and starting up a game. Or you can just sit in the bleachers and watch one. It was very entertaining to say the least.

Other fun restaurants to try in the downtown Kona area include Bubba Gumps, get a table on the water and watch the sunset. Lava Java where the whole menu is as good as the service is slow, but who’s in a rush in paradise? We have also eaten at Lu-Lu's which is another great party place with a spectacular view of the bay.
Of course the Big Island is more than just a gym and burgers! It has some of the most spectacular, and if needed, secluded beaches that you could ask for. One thing we learned from our trip last year was to pick up the book, "Hawaii - The Big Island Revealed". Written by a local couple, it gives you the entire do’s and don’ts, and must see’s and how to get there’s, for the whole island. The authors don’t accept advertising, and only write aboot what they themselves have experienced in a very none ‘touristy’ or ‘wanna sell you sumptin’ way’.

The book describes almost every beach on the island, and pointed us to the right beaches to suit our needs. Most of the beaches on Kona are primarily lava rock, but there are several that have sand as well. The Big Island is way less crowded than the others, and on more than one occasion we had the entire half mile long Mahai’ula beach to ourselves, and I mean the entire beach. It matters not what you are looking for, this island has it all.

Another must for us on vacation is golf. We played 4 courses, Makalei GC, Kona CC, Big Island CC, and Waikaloa GC. My brief not-so-expert course reviews are as follows:

Makalei GC was nice and is popular with the locals. It is located half way up the volcano and is rather hilly which makes for some tough shots. There are dozens of peacocks walking all over the course, it's wonderful! I *ahem* beat hubby by 2 strokes, (who in fairness was nursing a bad back and has had persistent tennis elbow - or so he said).

Kona CC was by far my favorite course. Several holes on the course run along the ocean and they have a par 3 that you have to tee off over a huge lava flow. My errant tee shot actually hit the lava, but got a favorable bounce back onto the green. Unfortunately, hubby returned to truer form...and whipped me badly.
Big Island CC was just OK. Unbeknownst to us they had top-dressed the greens. Their greens keeper must have taken the whole 'golf near the beach' thing to the extreme. The greens actually looked sand traps! True story: if we dragged our putter along the sand, we would have left a groove to the hole, that's how bad it was! We had to play the '2 putt' rule because there really was no way putt at all. They did reduce the green fees to compensate, which was nice. Overall it’s a beautiful course though, complete with wild turkeys running around and gorgeous jacaranda trees all over. The two finishing holes are pretty and tough!

Waikoloa is part of a huge hotel/condo/golf complex. The course is nice, but nothing earth-shattering. Maybe I say that because I kind of sucked that day, nothing was working and my game was quite inconsistent....well, at least it didn't rain. There were 2 pretty ocean holes, but the rest of the course is rather typical.

We took 4 Malibu Strings bikini’s with us, a black mesh, a black sling, a white sexy halter, and the new stars & stripes, which had more than one person saluting! Several new Malibu Strings galleries to follow!

In the mean time, if you have never been to Hawaii, just go!.....there is so much to see and do. In 2007 we explored the Volcanoes and did lots of sightseeing and exploring, this year was R&R and beaches, next year who knows, maybe it’s time to learn to surf!...Hawaii really is the most gorgeous place on earth. Go...go now, and save me a spot on the beach!

Love, Jacqueline

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Laurie G. - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

This is my fourth visit to Playa Del Carmen since 2000. We love Mexico and the Mexican people. They are very welcoming and friendly and always make you feel special. These RIU Palace resorts are some of the best in the Caribbean and are usually a first choice for us no matter the country or island. The food, service, rooms, grounds, and staff are all amazing and at a very appropriate price.

Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with the beach this time. Apparently the 2006 hurricane and erosion have greatly diminished this beach. While the beach and overall area are still quite nice, you no longer can stroll down the flat sand beach like you can at other Caribbean locations. A beach walk today is more of an adventure, more like an obstacle course. There are huge sandbags (see those whale like humps in these photos) that are placed all along the beach in front of the hotels to affect the erosion. Not sure the sand bags are working and they are not my favorite part of the beach. Some hotels are being affected by the erosion more than others.

I did find some sandbags useful to lean against however.

There is still a great area of undeveloped beach beyond the hotels. It was quite a walk from our resort in terms of distance and challenge. It was an adventure; we walked up and down the sandbags, through shallow water in front of some hotels, and encountered some sandbag staircases. The journey was only half the fun because when we got past the hotels the beach was pristine. It was a perfect setting for taking some pictures.

The best part was the wedding party that had the same good idea. We didn’t even notice them until the groomsmen started whistling at me (at least the groom didn’t whistle, I think). Who would have thought I could wear Malibu Strings to a wedding!?
Once we finished our photo shooting the walk back to our hotel took us right past the rest of the wedding reception. We had quite a few laughs imagining the groomsmen’s stories. I hope the bride has a good sense of humor!

Later during the vacation we decided to do a photo shoot out in front of our hotel. The beach wasn’t too crowded for some reason; maybe it was the extra strong breeze that day or the time of day. We took our pictures relatively early and enjoyed the beach for the rest of the day. Well I guess the pool bartenders weren’t too busy and had a good view of the beach. I got some nice compliments and more smiles as we came off the beach for happy hour. This one bartender was my biggest fan, even out of my bikini. I never waited long for a drink for the rest of the week.

The resort is fun even off the beach. It is beautifully landscaped and has lots of birds and small lizards that are fun to watch while lounging at the pool or sitting on a bench taking in the surroundings. The birds make great sounds, quite different than any bird sounds I’m accustomed to which adds the tropical paradise ambiance.

One of my favorite things in Mexico is Mariachi. The music and the outfits are awesome. Everyone is having a better time when there is a Mariachi band around.

The resort also brings the shopping to you. A few nights a week they invite local craftsmen to set up within the resort and sell everything from jewelry, to art work, handicrafts, clothing, cigars, etc. It adds a nice energy to the evening after a tough day playing on the beach. The resort also hosts specialty drinks on different nights, like Tequila shots. I’ll stick to something a little lighter and send in my husband for this one.

Outdoor dining is a treat coming from New England and the dining area is beautiful. Having breakfast and dinner outside really enhances the vacation.

Hope you enjoy my perspective on Mexico Playa Del Carmen. Now go get you Malibu Strings and get out on vacation!

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Laurie G. - More St Martin...

Here is French Marigot in St Martin viewed from the water. It is a beautiful place to walk, dine, or shop. The people a quite friendly and the café scene is alive and well. You can see and tour the old fort that guards the city. As much as I love the beaches and beach bar/restaurants this small Caribbean city deserves a visit. Stroll along the waterfront and café-hop down the main street. The city is quite lively most nights with locals and tourists alike. The shopping bazaar can be a lot of fun too. There are multiple marinas at Marigot and some quite impressive yachts to say the least. One of the marinas is hidden from view by buildings and set quite deep into the tiny capital. This amazing protected marina is surrounded by restaurants and a few shops. It is an amazing place to dine and stroll among the yachts which are backed right up to the dock; you are one step form going onto any of them. There are luxury yachts, fishing charters, and tour boats all beautifully lined up in this small marina. The outdoor bar/restaurant patios are usually full and lively. La Belle Époque seems to attract the most locals and once you try their pizza you too will know why.

Not every yachts stays within the confines of the marina. We had this lovely boat anchored offshore from our hotel and would see it at Orient beach during the days. My husband figured they liked my Malibu Strings bikinis so much that they had figured out how to follow us. At night this boat became a floating disco and from the sounds of things much fun was being had for the better part of the night. Funny how quite the yacht would be in the morning though ;^>

One morning we went to our deck for breakfast and saw this catamaran. My husband joked it was the dinghy from the yacht coming to fetch me for the day. That or some late night reveler was going to have serious explaining to do! Lucky for him this sign post cluster just up the beach might point him in the right direction. Who knew the Taj Mahal was so nearby?

As you can see everyone loves the beach at sunset to relax, enjoy the cooling of the day, and enjoy such memorable views.

This beach has a beautiful view of Anguilla and has calm waters all day long. It is just a short walk from Grand Case and the location of Sunset Café. Not to be confused with the Sunset Bar, the café is a quiet location and a wonderful spot to wind down and sip a quiet romantic drink without the crowds.

Another great place to visit is Pine Island. It is a short 500 yard boat ride leaving and is a paradise within St Martin’s paradise. Amazingly calm water with a great view back to St Martin. Two beaches and two amazing restaurants make for a great day trip (bring cash, they have no credit card machines). You can stand at the tip of this little island and look down both rows of umbrellas at the same time, this little island actually comes to a point is shallow water. Avoid the weekend unless you really want to meet the locals (and their children).

A good reason to rent a car is to drive up above Orient Beach for this view! This isn’t the only great vantage point either; you’ll be blown away at the heights on this island and the views that come with such amazing peaks. You can see Pinel Island in the right side picture with some boats anchored in front.

Another really nice aspect of St Martin is how many beaches have bars, restaurants, and beach chair/umbrella service. Too bad it the sea was too rough to spend the beach day here at Baie Rouge, this place looked fun and is highly recommended some of the other Malibu Strings girls!

No matter which way you look at St Martin, it’s all about the Beach!

…from Sunset Beach Bars, to big screen football outdoors, to heartwarming sunsets!

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